Clarice Hanna; Associate Store Director, St. John, Uptown

Clarice has a great way of taking Uptown style and making it fresh. She credits her grandparents for giving her a taste for luxury, but she of course takes her own spin on it.

“My Grandmom always told me to spend my money on traveling, and never wear red nail polish until you’re 18, nor black lingerie or you would be considered ‘easy’.”

She still maintains the most classic sensibilities, crediting jazz and Bossa Nova as her music of choice.

“When I was a kid and heard Girl from Impanema I knew when I met the man of my dreams, this song would be playing in my head, I won’t tell you if I’ve heard it or not yet.”

Her quips are just as classic as she is.

(http://twitter Hanna; Associate Store Director, St NULL. John, Uptown)
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