Evie Falci, Artist; At her studio in Dumbo

My friend Evie was kind enough to invite me over to her studio in Dumbo to see some of her recent work. I am a huge fan of her work because the materials she uses include craft objects, like googly eyes (http://www NULL.artloversnewyork NULL.com/zine/wp-content/photos/Evie_Falci_invite NULL.jpg), and pom poms (http://farm2 NULL.static NULL.flickr NULL.com/1108/728832360_0056df0995 NULL.jpg), but the interesting mood they take on when presented in this very meditative approach that blurs the lines between sculpture and painting, is fascinating. You can see the channeling of Yayoi Kusama (http://bombsite NULL.com/images/attachments/0001/0089/kusama3_body NULL.jpg), an admitted inspiration for Evie.
Her images are spotted childlike geometric nightmares. Evie is witchy and mystical.
She dresses like a black widow and she once told me she works likes a spider, the images aren’t planned they simply come out of her, much like a spiders web.
Check out more of her work here Evie Falci (http://www NULL.eviefalci NULL.com/) or

(http://twitter NULL.com/share?url=http%3A%2F%2Fnudesandgraze NULL.com%2F%3Fp%3D874&count=horizontal&related=&text=Evie Falci, Artist; At her studio in Dumbo)
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